Foshan Jilida Aluminum Technology Co., Ltd.

eEstablished in 1996, is a high-tech private enterprise integrating scientific research, production and operation. The company possesses a strong professional R & D team, and has long been working with several universities, institutes and peer companies in China in the cooperation of industry, university and institutes in the fields of fluoride salt, metal smelting and metal surface treatment, especially in the field of aluminum smelting and surface treatment, keeps technical research and development in green, environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, comprehensive utilization of resources, and circular economy, and has made products and technologies increasingly perfect.
  • Efficient refining agent
    Aluminum alloys are increasingly used in a wide range of industries due to their excellent properties. Currently, the aluminum alloy application market is fiercely competitive, while the quality requirements are constantly increasing, the profit is reduced. In addition to the national environmental requirements for clean processing and energy consumption reducing in the aluminum industry, there is an urgent need to continuously improve the existing production processes, carry out technological innovation to promote aluminum production towards the direction of environmental protection, high efficiency, low consumption and more convenience.
    Titanium boron refiner
    KPR-603 Titanium-Boron refiner is a new type ¢40X85 cylinder flux which is dried and mixed with high-activity metal powder and special flux. It can effectively refine the grains of aluminum and aluminum alloy. KPR-603 titanium-boron refiner can be compared with aluminum-titanium-boron wire with its excellent refining effect, and is much superior to aluminum-titanium intermediate alloy. It is an economical and suitable grain refiner for most aluminum alloys.
  • Chromium-free passivator
    After years of research in chromium-free passivator, the new chromium profile surface passivator produced by our company can effectively replaces the current chrome-containing aluminum passivator. After use, the surface layer of the aluminum profile is dense, fine and uniform, and has high corrosion resistance. In addition, the chromium-free passivator can be used at room temperature, which is convenient and safe . The generated wastewater is easy to handle and can easily meet the emission standards.
    Aluminum processing water treatment environmental protection engineering and supporting products
    For the development of environmental protection in China, after nearly ten years of research, our company has developed a series of environmental protection projects such as acid recovery, alkali recovery, harmless recycling of wastewater slag, harmless recycling of aluminum ash and reuse of water, which has contributed to the natural environment and the aluminum industry. At the same time, the product can reduce the environmental pressure of enterprises and reduce the production costs.
    Aluminum oxidation full range of products
    The aluminum surface treatment products of our company have earned high favorite from the market due to the superior performance. The full range of products include degreasing agents, chromizing agents, sealing agents, colorants and so on, and feature mature technology and complete supporting. After more than 20 years of painstaking research and continuous optimization, the performance and quality of the products have been continuously improved.
  • Potassium fluoroaluminate
    Potassium fluoroaluminate is white or light gray powder, slightly soluble in water, toxic! It is used as the active filler component resin bonded abrasives for metal surface treated in the production of abrasives; as the soldering rod coating and solder powder component in the production of solder; as the component of aluminum soldering braze in solder production.
    Cryolite is also known as sodium hexafluoroaluminate or sodium aluminum fluoride. Its molecular formula is Na3AlF6, white fine crystal, odorless, solubility is larger than natural cryolite, specific gravity is 3, hardness is 2~3, melting point is 1009℃, easy to absorb water and get wet.Cryolite is mainly used as the flux for aluminum electrolysis, wear-resistant filler for rubber and grinding wheels, enamel whitening agent, glass light-screening agent and metal flux, pesticides for crops, etc.


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